How Long Does It Take to Size an Engagement Ring?

long-size-engagement-ring Credit: Scott Indermaur/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The amount of time it takes to size an engagement ring varies depending on which store or jeweler is doing the work. Some online stores, such as Antique Jewelry Mall, advertise that ring sizing normally takes five to seven business days to be completed by their experts. Other websites say it takes a bit longer. Koerber's Fine Jewelry advises that a custom fit order may take up to six weeks.

Billy Mitchell Jewelry notes that ring sizing times may vary for a few different reasons. Whether the ring is moving up or down in size, who the particular sizing expert is and whether or not the ring has diamonds adorning the sides all affect how long the process takes.

Sizing time is a variable that is out of the buyer's control once the purchase is made, but buyers should keep a few other important factors in mind before making their final ring choices. Although it may be fun to make the ring presentation a surprise, especially when popping the question, it's a good idea to consider including the bride-to-be in the shopping process. Since this is a ring she is going to be wearing for a long time, she probably has strong preferences for its particular style, shape and size.