How Long Is Ramadan?

long-ramadan Credit: Katarina Premfors/arabianEye/Getty Images

Ramadan lasts for one month out of the Islamic calendar year. The Islamic calendar year, having roughly 354 days as opposed to 365, differs from the Gregorian calendar but still consists of 12 months. Ramadan occurs during the ninth month.

Muslims observe Ramadan each day during its month, fasting during the daytime. The fasting that Muslims practice extends beyond going without satisfying hunger or thirst, being concerned with the larger scope of self-control overall. Ramadan is the only month that requires this kind of fasting. Several months during the Islamic year prohibit engaging in fighting, including the first, seventh, 11th and 12th months. Instead of an Islamic month beginning at the actual start of a day, it starts later in the first day at sunset.