How Do You Find the Location of Graves in Memorial Park Cemetery?

How Do You Find the Location of Graves in Memorial Park Cemetery?

To find the location of graves in Memorial Park Cemetery, view the map of the cemetery that's available on, as of 2015. The map divides the cemetery into sections and provides grave numbers in each section.

To view the map, visit the homepage and click Residents. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Parks & Recreation under the Residents heading. On the Parks & Recreation page, click Parks & Shelters, and click Cemeteries on the drop-down menu that appears. On the list of options that appear, click Memorial Park Cemetery.

On the Memorial Park Cemetery page, click Memorial Park Cemetery Map. The map opens as a PDF. The page also includes information on the cemetery's history, notable burials and a contact phone number. A link is available for the cemetery's rules and regulations, which also opens as a PDF.

Sections in Memorial Park Cemetery include Lakeview Section, Memorial Section, Maple Lawn Section and Orchard Lawn Section. The cemetery divides some sections into multiple groups, in which case it labels sections with letters, such as Lakeview Section A or Memorial Section B. Zoom in on the map to view grave numbers in each section.

You must have the grave number and the section to find a grave in the cemetery. If you don't, call or visit the cemetery and ask for assistance locating the grave.