How Do You Find Local Trick-or-Treat Times?


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To find local Treat-or-Treating times in your community, check local media, such as local newspapers. Many areas will not have official local Trick-or-Treating times, at which point it is recommended that you talk to other locals and use your personal judgment to determine acceptable hours for Trick-or-Treating.

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Even if areas have Trick-or-Treating events, the times for these events may not apply to the more traditional late-night Trick-or-Treating tradition. Trick-or-Treating is often not an officially organized event, and varies from community to community. More dangerous areas with high amounts of crime will usually have earlier Trick-or-Treating, that may start even before the sun goes down. Safer communities will start later, and the Trick-or-Treating festivities will go on until the candy starts to run out, or until the crowd starts to change from Trick-or-Treating parents and children to young adults traveling around to parties.

Certain parts of your town may have much more lively Trick-or-Treating at different times than other areas where Trick-or-Treating may be uncommon, or not exist at all. Talking to locals is a great way to figure out the best part of town to Trick-or-Treat in, and to figure out when to Trick-or-Treat, and to find some friends to accompany you on your Trick-or-Treating journey.

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