What Is a List of Wedding Anniversaries?


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Paper, leather, crystal and gold are all gifts traditionally given for a wedding anniversary. While slight variations have been made over time, many wedding anniversary gifts remain the same or very similar to the original celebration.

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Couples commonly celebrate their first anniversary by exchanging gifts of paper such as a book that is special to their partner, stationery or a love letter. Anniversaries become more elaborate as they continue. Fifteen years of marriage brings with it the crystal anniversary, when partners exchange gifts ranging from simple crystal candlesticks to beautiful brooches, according to Hallmark.

The 14th wedding anniversary traditionally involved the exchange of an ivory gift. As this practice became less accepted, the celebration evolved to include all animals. Ideas for couples to share presents during this year include exchanging stuffed animals, going on a horseback ride together, or even involving pets to show their love.

At 25 years of marriage, silver becomes the choice of most people, while gold dominates the gifts for the 50th wedding anniversary. A present during these anniversaries ranges from a simple engraved pen to expensive jewelry. It is a common practice for a couple to celebrate with friends and family during a silver or gold anniversary.

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