What Are Some Lingerie Bridal Shower Ideas?

What Are Some Lingerie Bridal Shower Ideas?

Ideas for a lingerie bridal shower begins with the invitations. To reflect the theme, they should be very feminine. Invitations that have images of lingerie or lingerie fabrics, such as lace or animal prints, are available.

The setting for a lingerie bridal shower is important because all the guests, as well as the bride-to-be, should be comfortable during gift-giving and games. Therefore, an individual's home is best. Pillows on the floor provide more seating and a relaxed atmosphere. Low lights, candles and scattered rose petals help set a romantic mood. Tabletops are covered in lace fabric or doilies. The walls are decorated with lingerie-inspired posters, either modern or 1950s pin-up varieties.

A lingerie-theme shower game begins with gifts. Each guest is asked to bring a gift that reflects her personality. No name tags are attached to the presents. As the bride opens each one, she tries to guess whom it matches. A similar game has each guest bringing in personal lingerie. Everyone guesses who owns each piece. The winner receives bath salts or tea candles.

Romantic food for a lingerie shower includes champagne, fruit, cheese, crackers and candy. A more humorous take offers plain gingerbread figures for the guests to decorate. Candies, frosting, cotton candy and sprinkles are used to create sweet lingerie outfits on the cookies.

One simple and appropriate shower favor is lingerie "cupcakes." Each guest receives panties that have been twisted and placed inside a cupcake liner to resemble swirled frosting.