What Lights Can Be Used for Outdoor Christmas Decorations?


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The lights used for outdoor Christmas decorations must be labeled for outdoor use. Lights sold for Christmas decorating should clearly note whether they are appropriate and safe for outdoor use.

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The options for outdoor Christmas lighting include a variety of different styles, functions and features. Multifunction sets are made for both indoor and outdoor use. The lights offer a combination of light show options that are controlled by a remote box attached to the strand of lights.

Chasing lights come in different colors as well as offer various functions for speed control. The lights turn on in a sequence, giving motion to the lights. The speed can be set to slow, where the lights turn on one at a time looking as though they are slowly moving across the object on which they are placed, or fast so they appear to be a constant flashing stream of light.

Winter light covers can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The light covers have a hole in the bottom of the globe so that moisture is not trapped inside causing the lights to fog up. There is a hook inside the globe that the lights connect to, which helps to protect them from strong winds. The winter light covers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors for a variety of decorating designs.

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