What Are Some Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas?

What Are Some Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas?

Last minute birthday gift ideas include gift cards, candles, food and alcohol. Other good gift ideas, such as candles, perfumes, lotions and fashion accessories, can be purchased and stored in the closet for when a gift is needed right away.

Gift cards may seem impersonal or thoughtless, but they are actually great gifts. They can be purchased at grocery stores, drug stores, discount stores and malls, so they're readily accessible. Stash a few at home for those unexpected last minute gift requirements.

Candles make great last minute birthday gifts. Pick the honoree's favorite scent and purchase a candle set in that scent. Add a candle to a gift card or other last minute purchase to make the gift seem more substantial.

Food is another last minute gift option. Cheese, candy, crackers, teas, coffees and even cakes all come in sampler packs. Keep a bag of gourmet coffee or tea sampler box in the pantry for when unexpected guests drop by and a gift is needed.

Alcohol is a choice for everyone except non-drinkers. Purchase a bottle of wine or liquor, grab a gift bag and head to the party. Add some alcohol to a food or gift card gift, and that last minute gift doesn't look so last minute.