What Do Koreans Eat During Christmas?

During Christmas, South Koreans typically eat Korean foods, such as kimchi, bean paste, hot peppers and Korean barbecue. South Koreans also enjoy eating a Christmas cake during the holiday. This cake is generally a cream-covered sponge cake or an ice-cream cake purchased from a shop or bakery.

While Christmas is sometimes celebrated with the family or at gatherings by South Koreans, it is also considered a romantic holiday. Families can opt to either enjoy a Christmas meal at home or go to a restaurant. The holiday is usually a busy day for restaurants, and it is not uncommon to find special events at theme parks or shows celebrating the holiday.

Younger people typically celebrate Christmas by going out or partying with friends. They then proceed to spend New Year's Day with their families. Non-Christians in South Korea generally use Christmas as a shopping day.

As Christmas in South Korea is considered a religious holiday, churches and department stores are decorated with lights. Most Christian churches in the country also hold a service during the day. At home, traditional Christmas decorations include a Christmas tree and lights. Christmas gifts in South Korea typically consist of money, though gift items are also common.