What Kinds of Unique Gifts Are Appropriate for Grandmothers?

What Kinds of Unique Gifts Are Appropriate for Grandmothers?

Unique gifts that are appropriate for grandmothers include jigsaw puzzles, jars filled with inspirational messages and keepsake letter books. Personalization is one way to make a regular gift item, such as a blanket, plate or pillow, more unique.

Jigsaw puzzles are entertaining and may bring back memories, if the recipient liked puzzles as a child. The giver can also order a puzzle replica of the front page of a newspaper from the day his grandmother was born.

Jars with inspirational messages have one message per day and typically include enough messages for one month. The giver can choose pre-printed messages or write his own. Each message has its own sealed envelope.

Keepsake letter books are decorative journals. The grandmother can use it to write things she wants to pass down to her grandchildren, such as her favorite memories or words of wisdom.

Many clothing and fabric items offer personalization options, such as embroidery with the recipient's name. Other unique personalization options are available on items such as heart-of-love blankets, recipe plates and map pillows.

Heart-of-love blankets feature a heart shape on the blanket, but the heart consists of the names of loved ones repeated in the shape. Recipe plates have one full recipe on the plate and are a good choice for grandmothers who have a special recipe. Map pillows feature a map of an area, such as a hometown or favorite place, on the pillow.