What Are Some Kinds of Speeches for Special Occasions?

What Are Some Kinds of Speeches for Special Occasions?

Speeches given at special occasions include toasts, tributes, nominations, award acceptances, introductions, farewells and welcoming speeches. The appropriate type of speech to give depends on the occasion.

Toasts are given during weddings, parties and other celebratory events. Typically, the person delivering the toast is asked in advance to do so. Consequently, toasts are usually quite short and are prepared before the event. A toast should be positive and include words of encouragement.

Tributes are speeches given at a funeral, retirement event or other occasion in which a person is being honored. A tribute should be sincere, focus on positive aspects of an individual, and speak on accomplishments and admirable qualities.

Nomination speeches are given when presenting someone with a gift or award. During this type of speech, presenters should discuss the history of and requirements to earn the award, as well as who the winner is and what he did to earn the award.

A good award acceptance speech involves thanking those who made receiving the award possible. During this type of speech, the audience expects the presenter to be gracious and humble.

An introduction is a speech given to introduce the primary speaker at a function. During an introduction, inform the audience of the speaker's credentials and expertise.

A welcoming speech is given to bring people or groups of people together. Its purpose is to introduce formally an individual or group, explain who they are, where they came from and what they plan to do.