What Kinds of Products Does Thirty-One Gifts Sell?

Thirty-One Gifts sells purses, totes, wallets, thermals, jewelry and home accessories. The Columbus, Ohio-based company also sells fabric key chain straps, coin purses, makeup cases and card sets. Products for the home include embroidered aprons, file storage fabric containers, blankets, duffel bags and storage cubes.

Totes, bags, purses and accessories from Thirty-One Gifts can be personalized with individual or family names, phrases, initials and names of sports teams. Customers can choose from a variety of fonts and colors for embroidery on Thirty-One items that are sewed on printed fabric items. Thirty-One Gifts offers a variety of prints for utility totes, purses and bags that varies each month.

Items from Thirty-One Gifts are available for purchases through independent contractors who are consultants for the company. Consultants can host in-home or online parties for private individuals and groups to earn income based on the profits of sales and earn promotions when reaching sales goals established by the company. Hostesses often receive special discounts and free items based on the total sales of the party.

Thirty-One Gifts was founded by President and CEO Cindy Monroe in 2003, and the name Thirty-One was derived from Proverbs 31. More than 90,000 independent sales consultants host Thirty-One parties in the United States and Canada, as of 2015.