What Do Kids Want for Christmas?

The specific things a child wants for Christmas will depend on his or her individual and unique tastes, but toys, games and other accessories related to popular children's movies and television shows are widely desired holiday gifts for kids. Other than outright asking a child for a list of gifts he or she might want, those people who want to know what to buy a child for Christmas should pay attention to the things that individual child gravitates toward. For example, buying an art set for an athletic child who prefers to play outdoors is probably not the best move.

Although their lives can be highly regimented, children express preferences for things when possible, and these preferences can be the key to purchasing suitable gifts for a specific child. However, in some cases, it may not be possible for the gift giver to observe the child's preferences firsthand. In such cases, retail forecasting may be a helpful way for gift givers to get a sense of what gifts are predicted to be highly in demand during the holiday retail season. Certain toys are often forecast to be extremely popular during a specific holiday year, and news reports often cover these trends, making it easy to figure out what's popular in the run up to the winter holidays.