How Do You Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh?

How Do You Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh?

Keep a Christmas tree fresh by cutting it yourself, wrapping it for the trip to home, placing it in a good location and watering it well. You will need a tree, a plastic tarp, LED lights, water and a tree stand that holds water.

  1. Get a fresh tree

    Either cut a tree down yourself, or go to a Christmas tree farm that sells freshly harvested trees. Precut trees on city lots are not always recently harvested. If you purchase a precut tree, make sure its needles are flexible.

  2. Transfer the tree

    Protect the tree during transfer by wrapping it in a plastic tarp. This helps keep the tree from drying out during the trip.

  3. Recut the tree

    If you purchase an already harvested tree, recut the butt or trunk of the tree. Measure one inch from the bottom, and make a straight cut. This removes the hardened layer of sap at the bottom and helps the tree absorb water.

  4. Water the tree

    Water the tree as soon as possible. Purchase a tree stand that holds water, and place the tree inside of it. Add water as needed so that the trunk is wet at all times. Once a tree trunk dries out, the sap hardens the end, and it can no longer absorb moisture.

  5. Place the tree in a good location

    Place the tree in a location in your house that is away from heaters, fans, sunlight or anything else that could dry it out. Decorate your tree with LED lights, which are cooler than other lights and lessen the risk of fire.