How Do You Have a Justin Bieber-Themed Birthday Party?

How Do You Have a Justin Bieber-Themed Birthday Party?

To have a Justin Bieber-themed party, select and mail the party invitations and decorate your home or event venue with Justin Bieber-inspired novelty items. Set up a karaoke stage for your child and her friends to entertain themselves throughout the event, and create a Justin Bieber-inspired refreshment tablescape.

  1. Select and order the invitations

    Select Justin Bieber-themed party invitations that indicate the time, date and location of the party. Mail each invited guest an invitation to the birthday party. Stuff novelty dog tag necklaces, "backstage passes" and Justin Bieber stickers into the envelopes, if desired.

  2. Decorate your home or event space with Justin Bieber-themed party decorations

    Help your child make simple, homemade decorations for the party, such as cardboard star cutouts that are embellished with Justin Bieber photos, glitter and stickers. Purchase a large, Justin Bieber life-size cutout, and have your local party supply store create a life-size cutout of your child. Position both cutouts near the entryway of the party. Finish the decorative Justin Bieber party display with purple latex balloons, small purple favor boxes filled with novelty memorabilia, a Justin Bieber pinata and a purple piano cutout or banner.

  3. Set up a karaoke stage

    Rent a karaoke machine for the day to let your child and her friends sing Justin Bieber songs throughout the party. Supply each guest with novelty Justin Bieber gloves, necklaces and bracelets to wear while they are performing his songs.

  4. Decorate the refreshments table

    Purchase a Justin Bieber-themed cake and position it in the middle of the refreshments table. Place disposable cups, plates and forks at each setting around the table. Finish the table display with small balloons and novelty guitars, pianos and other Justin Bieber-themed party decorations.