Do Jewish People Celebrate Easter?

jewish-people-celebrate-easter Credit: Israel Photo Gallery/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Jews do not celebrate Easter. The holiday is recognized by Christians as an event emphasizing the role of Jesus as the messiah. Since Jews dispute claims that Jesus was the messiah, they do not celebrate Easter; however, the major Jewish holiday of Passover often coincides with Easter for historical reasons.

According to Jewish belief, a messiah is an important personage who is destined to rule all Jews. Throughout Jewish history, there have been numerous claims that one person or another was the messiah; however, mainstream Jewish view asserts that the Messiah has not yet arrived. The supernatural and textual evidence cited by Christians to support the belief that Jesus was the messiah is either irrelevant, fictitious, or a misinterpretation of Jewish beliefs, according to Jewish scholars.

Although Jesus' role as the messiah has been long disputed, it is generally accepted that Jesus was Jewish. The events commemorated by Easter occurred during Passover, which is why the two holidays often coincide in the modern age.