Does JCPenney Still Have Christmas Catalogs?

In 2010, JCPenney abandoned its annual Christmas and Spring catalogs, which were called "Big Books," in favor of pursuing e-commerce promotion and sales. While the company no longer prints catalogs, it does engage in a direct mailing campaign with valued customers, sending "Look Books" and flyers.

In addition to the large expense of printing telephone book-sized catalogs a couple of times a year, the catalogs forced JCPenney to lock in prices for long periods of time. The new method of "Look Book" mailer advertising gives the retailer flexibility in pricing, allowing not only price bumps, but price reductions on short notice. These changes are part of a larger facelift given to JCPenney by CEO Ron Johnson, former Apple executive, in 2011, which also included a new logo and easy-to-read tag system. Johnson was replaced as CEO by Mike Ullman in 2013.