Why Is January 6 Called Little Christmas?

january-6-called-little-christmas Credit: Image by Catherine MacBride/Moment/Getty Images

In Ireland, January 6 is known as Little Christmas because it is the final day and the last celebration of the Christmas season. On Little Christmas, all of the holiday decorations are removed. Traditionally, it is a day of rest for women after their days of work in cooking, cleaning and entertaining throughout the season. On this day, men are in charge of the household, while women have a night out with their friends.

January 6 marks the Feast of the Epiphany, the day the Magi arrived to recognize the infant Christ as a powerful king. While the Irish celebrate it as Little Christmas, the Spanish call it Three Kings Day, and the English refer to it as Twelfth Night.

Orthodox Christians commemorate January 6 as the occasion of Christ's baptism rather than the day of the Magi's visit.