What are some jack-o'-lantern ideas?


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Some jack-o'-lantern ideas include carving scary or funny faces into the pumpkin, inserting funny props into the pumpkin to exaggerate the eyes or mouth, and painting the pumpkin a dark or shiny color. Another idea is to turn the pumpkin on its side, and use the stem as a nose.

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What are some jack-o'-lantern ideas?
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One idea is to carve a wide mouth on a jack-o'-lantern, insert costume vampire fangs, and add to the vampire theme by using large red pushpins for eyes. In a similar design, individuals carve eye sockets large enough to secure large plastic eyeballs painted with red veins or animal irises. Halloween decorators make these jack-o'-lanterns look like the undead by carving small, squiggly mouths. An additional idea is to insert rubber snakes or fuzzy mice into random holes carved into the pumpkin.

Some pumpkins are painted or covered with elegant materials, such as lace sleeves, gold spray paint or spray-on glitter. These pumpkins are decorative and can hold lollipops using small holes drilled into the pumpkin large enough to insert the lollipop sticks. A less elegant but terrifying look includes painting green or gray paint onto the pumpkin to replicate the skin of a scary witch. The stem of a large pumpkin turned on its side becomes the ideal witch's nose. An added hat and a smile carved with teeth missing finishes off the design for a funny witch-themed jack-o'-lantern.

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