What Items Are Typically Available in a Medieval Times Gift Shop?

Items that are typically available in a Medieval Times gift shop include swords, helmet and armor, both authentic and plastic versions, as of 2015. Shops typically also offer custom shields with family crests, and various other medieval decor items.

Medieval Times has multiple locations around the United States. Each location has a similar layout with a castle design. In addition to a gift shop, each Medieval Times location offers a show, a four course dinner, a bar, a dance floor and a medieval torture museum.

Medieval Times opens its doors 75 minutes before each shows scheduled start time, and it recommends guests arrive early. Before the show starts, guests can check out the Hall of Arms, which is where the gift shop and other amenities are located.

The Medieval Times show is set in the 11th century. It features a king, queen, princess and knights. The knights compete in events, such as a spear toss, grabbing rings with their lances and picking up flags while riding their horses. After these competitions, knights compete in jousts and sword fights.

Medieval Times assigns all guests to a section, and each section has a specific knight to support. Every employee at the Medieval Times is in character, so they address guests as "lord" or "lady." The dinner itself is a meal from that time period, and guests don't receive any utensils, since utensils weren't around during the 11th century.