What Are Some Items to Put in a Christmas Stocking?

What Are Some Items to Put in a Christmas Stocking?

Stocking stuffer ideas for kids include toys and games, candy, craft supplies and movies. Adult stocking stuffer ideas include pampering items, small electronics, gourmet foods, jewelry and small hobby items. Gift cards, event tickets, magazine subscriptions and membership passes work for anyone.

Considering the age and interests of the person receiving the stocking helps when choosing items to put in it. The size of the item is also a factor. Items should be small enough to fit easily inside the stocking. Long, narrow items, such as pens can stick out the top of the stocking to accommodate the length.

Specific toy ideas for kids include stuffed animals, whistles, toy cars, action figures and bouncy balls. Small games might include travel games, card games and puzzles. Some examples of craft supplies to put in stockings are markers, paints, clay, beads and crayons.

For adults, hobbies and interests play a role in selecting stocking stuffers. A gardener appreciates small garden tools, seeds and gardening gloves. Golf balls or tees work well for a golfing fanatic. For people with hobbies that don't have small items, a gift card to buy supplies is an option. A person who likes craft projects might appreciate a gift card to a hobby and craft store.

Event tickets and memberships to local attractions fit well into a stocking. Sporting events and concerts are a few ticket options. Zoos, museums and amusement parks often offer yearly memberships.