What Are Some Items on a Party Event Planning Checklist?

Some items to include on a party- or event-planning checklist are a playlist, an invitation list, the theme for the party and a schedule for various chores to handle before and after the celebration. A well-thought-out checklist can help in better organization and ensure the host and guests have a good time, states RealSimple.com.

A party checklist should include specific dates for acquiring or executing certain chores, notes RealSimple.com. Checklists are often made about three weeks prior to the event.

Three weeks before the event, a planner can draft a checklist that includes an invitation list, the party theme and an outline of the menu. These items help the planner decide on what types of decorations to choose, the number of guests to invite and the type of food to budget for. At this point the checklist should also have options for assistance with planning or any other chores.

Two weeks before the event, the checklist should reflect issues such as cleaning duties, shopping duties and a playlist. Shopping for decorations and non-perishable foods two weeks before the event can help the planner obtain all the required commodities. An initial playlist plan helps limit last-minute rushes to find the appropriate music for the party.

Three days before the event, the checklist should reflect items such as notifying the neighbors, checking the medicine cabinet, decorating the space and embarking on a final round of shopping. On the day of the event, the checklist should contain chores such as cooking, arranging chairs and displaying food and drinks.