What Are Items That May Be Included in a Swiss Colony Gift Basket?


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Swiss Colony gift baskets may come with cheese, meat, condiments, sweets and supplies, such as a cheese grater or serving platter. The Swiss Colony is an American company, based out of Monroe, Wisconsin, that produces seasonal and year-round gift baskets. Although the company produces gift baskets with a variety of culinary items and supplies, its signature basket is the summer sausage and cheese, which is also hand-decorated.

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One type of basket available year-round, often with seasonal specialties, is the cheese basket. Cheese baskets may include items like Wisconsin sharp cheddar, Swiss cheese and specialty cheeses. The company's jumbo cheese basket comes with three large sticks of cheese. There is also a five-piece cheese gift box, which comes with five different cheeses and a serving board. In addition to pre-made boxes, customers can build their own boxes with cheese or other gourmet items.

As with the cheeses, The Swiss Colony makes assorted meat boxes. These items feature preserved gourmet meat, such as sausage, salami, jerky and beef. Customers can purchase special items like summer sausage boxes, which feature an assortment of four seasonal sausages. Meat and cheese combinations are another option, such as sausage or seafood baskets with assorted cheese.

Swiss Colony also makes breakfast gourmet baskets, filled with pastries and jam, and also packages desserts in gift boxes. Large sample boxes contain condiments and assorted mini packages of meat and cheese. The Swiss Colony also makes seafood packages and spreadable boxes, which contain crackers, dips and sauces.

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