What Are Some Items to Include on a Baby Gift Registry List?

Items to include on a baby gift registry include crib bedding, a diaper bag, toys, nursing pillows and a stroller. Mothers should register with one or two retailers that have all the items she wants.

Mothers should create their baby gift registries around five months into pregnancy and before sending baby shower invitations. This ensures that the items on the registry are less likely to be sold out and allows the mother to base items on her baby's gender if desired. A mother should visit stores to view and test items herself. She should choose stores that allow her to create an online registry so that she can edit it from home and send the link to her friends and family.

The registry should not focus on items that the baby doesn't need right away. Instead, it should focus on immediate necessities, such as newborn clothing and outerwear, and include a mix of big ticket items and less expensive day-to-day items. Big ticket items vary according to the mother's lifestyle, but may include car seats and strollers. If the mother drives frequently, she may want a car seat that can snap into the stroller. Day-to-day items include diaper supplies and bouncers.