What Is Involved in Renting a VFW Hall?

The specifics vary depending on the chapter, but generally people can rent a Veterans of Foreign Wars hall by contacting the secretary, signing a contract and paying the fee and security deposit. Some halls provide bartenders and other staff, while others may require the renters to do so.

Most halls have set guidelines, including a maximum number of guests allowed in the facility. Renters must abide by these rules. Some halls are more open, while others place additional restrictions, such as no live bands. Most do not allow gambling on their premises, and they are all subject to local liquor laws.

The fees are generally set in advance, although renters may be charged for exceptional expenses and damage that is not covered by the security deposit. Some halls have a lower economy package, which involves fewer included perks, and a normal rate. Renters who need unusual accommodations may be charged more than the stated rate.

Many halls charge by the amount of time the hall is needed. Some offer packages by the hour regardless of what time the event starts. Other halls have normal closing times and charge extra for events that require them to stay open late. Some also have outdoor pavilions that are only available for an extra charge. Prices for decorations and other amenities may also vary.