Whose Initial Goes First in a Wedding Monogram?

When it comes to the proper monogram etiquette for married couples, there are three options: traditional, modern or a single initial monogram. In a traditional monogram, the wife or bride's first name initial appears first followed by the husband's surname initial and then the wife's surname initial.

For a modern monogram for a wedding or married couple, the bride's first name initial goes first followed by the groom's surname initial and then his first name initial. The single initial is the simplest monogram and requires only the husband's surname initial. These are some basic etiquette rules for monogramming gifts for wedding or married couples.

The history of monograms dates back to the Greeks and Romans, who emblazoned them on things, such as weapons, banners and household items. Up until the 18th century, it was customary to use a two-initial monogram. After this time, three-initial monograms became popular.