What Information Should Be Included to Prepare a Church Anniversary Program?

The main components of a church anniversary program should be the founding date and anniversary milestone, the service and a history of the church itself. Some programs also include a message from the pastor and the church anniversary chairperson.

A church's anniversary is an important milestone for the congregation. Quite often, the church will have an anniversary committee that starts planning the celebration well in advance. Part of that planning includes a special program for the anniversary service. This program may have more pages than a regular weekly program, only because the occasion is such a special one. There are, of course, the usual components such as the outline of the service itself. Common parts of the service are hymns, scripture readings and the sermon. For a special anniversary service, there may also be special music and recognitions, such as for the oldest members of the church family.

Other things may be included in an anniversary program as well. The pastor, for example, may want to write a special message to the congregation about the history of the church and the plans for the future. The chairperson of the anniversary committee may want to contribute her own message, thanking the committee members and anyone else who helped in bringing the celebration to life.