What Information Should You Include on Birthday Invitations?

What Information Should You Include on Birthday Invitations?

A birthday invitation should cover three of the "five Ws": who, where and when. List the guest of honor's first and last name, the address where the event will be held, and the starting and ending times for the party. An invitation should also include contact information for the party's host and RSVP information if applicable.

A birthday invitation should include the name of the location and its address; for instance, "Please join Sarah at the Jones residence, 123 Park Place..." or, "Come dine with us at Rotello's Italian Restaurant, 100 Main Street..."

If gifts are welcomed, make no mention of them in the invitation. If gifts are discouraged, a simple line such as, "No gifts, please" is sufficient.

If RSVPs are necessary, include a phone number and/or email address for the person who keeps track of them. One option is to ask for regrets only. Include a deadline date for the RSVPs as well; for example, "Please RSVP to Yvonne by June 20th."

Include any relevant information about what guests should or should not bring to the event. Children may need to wear closed-toe shoes to a sports party, or guests may need to bring bathing suits if swimming will take place. If the party is for an adult, including a line such as, "Children welcome" or, "Adults only, please" clarifies expectations for all guests.