What Information Should an Event Planning Template Contain?


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An event planning template should contain a heading with the name of the event, the date, the sponsor of the event or client, and the proposed budget. The template should contain space for an itemized expense list, the guest list, supplies needed, and the type of food and beverages served.

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An event planning template should contain potential names and contact information for venues, caterers and committee members helping with the event. Committee member names should be attached to assigned tasks for the event.

An event planning template typically contains marketing plans such as advertisements, invitations, fliers, broadcasts or on-site promotions planned for the event. The template should include details about the theme of the event, decorations, and gifts or party props desired by the host or sponsor.

Events that include guest speakers or educational workshops require a detailed schedule of times, topics and speakers on the event planning template. It may also be necessary to include a schedule or timeline of the event's activities to prepare a program or conference booklet.

Events that require an overnight stay should designate lodging and accommodations for guests on the template. A list of available hotel options or discounted room rates should be itemized on the event planning template.

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