How Do You Include Stepchildren in the Wedding Vows?

include-stepchildren-wedding-vows Credit: Purestock/Getty Images

One way to include step children in wedding vows is to allow the children to make their own vows for the ceremony and to answer them with “I do.” Offbeat Bride gives an example of a ceremony where the children stand with the officiant to help marry their parents and present their blended family for the first time.

Parents of blended families have many things to consider before including children in wedding vows. For example, future stepparents need to consider how comfortable children are when speaking in front of large groups and how comfortable their relationships are with the new spouse. Another tip is for the bride and groom to include a vow in the ceremony that specifically states the new couple’s commitment to their stepchildren.

Another consideration when including stepchildren in wedding vows is to keep the children’s vows simple so that even the youngest child is able to participate. If some children write their own vows and others do not, have the officiant suggest vows so that all the children have something special to say. After marrying the parents, the officiant can even read the children’s vows and have the children say, “I do."