Why Is It Important to Keep Honoring Our Veterans?

important-keep-honoring-veterans Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It is important to continue honoring veterans because it is a way of acknowledging the sacrifices they have made while serving their country. Without the service of veterans, Americans may not have the freedoms they do today.

Throughout the nation's history, Americans have often found it necessary to go to war in order to preserve basic liberties. The Revolutionary War, for example, was fought to gain independence from the British. Without the servicemen and women who fought in these wars, American history may have run a different course.

Servicemen and women who serve in wars often undergo great sacrifices. Some are killed in action, and some are badly injured. Even those who leave the military unscathed have had to endure sacrifices such as long separations from their families and putting their personal lives and civilian careers on hold. Honoring these veterans is a way for Americans to offer thanks for their sacrifices.

Honoring a veteran can be as simple as verbally expressing thanks to a veteran on the street or writing a letter to a soldier overseas. Some people volunteer their time by visiting wounded veterans in the hospital, delivering care packages to elderly or disabled veterans in need or looking after families of veterans who did not come home.