What Are the Important Holidays in Argentina?

What Are the Important Holidays in Argentina?

Important holidays in Argentina include Carnival, May Revolution Day, Independence Day and Christmas. There are over 150 holidays celebrated in Argentina and while some are common in other countries, others are specific to Argentina.

Argentineans celebrate Carnival in the days prior to Ash Wednesday. This holiday originated in Europe and was brought to Argentina by European settlers in the seventeenth century. Carnival marks the start of Lent and includes parades, pageants and elaborate costumes.

May Revolution Day is celebrated on May 25 and commemorates the small revolution that occurred in Buenos Aires in 1810. This revolution was largely non-violent, but marked the start of the changing of governments.

Independence Day occurs on July 9 and commemorates Argentina's independence from Spain in 1816. Argentineans celebrate this day with parades, speeches, military demonstrations and family events, similar to how to Fourth of July is celebrated in the United States.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are also important holidays in Argentina. Because many people in Argentina are Catholic, Advent is celebrated throughout December and many Argentineans attend mass on Christmas Eve. The main Christmas meal occurs on Christmas Eve, often between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. At midnight, fireworks are commonly lit to celebrate the coming of Christmas Day.