What Are Some Ideas for Writing a Best Man Speech for Your Brother's Wedding?


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Some ideas for writing a best man speech for a brother include sharing childhood stories, mild-mannered teasing and praising the bride. Additional components to add to a speech include anecdotes about the groom's parents and ending with a positive sentiment.

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It is important to start with an introduction and an explanation of the best man's relationship to the groom. The best man can then talk about shared events such as starting school, birthdays, family trips, starting a career or awkward moments as a teenager. Other ideas for stories are haircuts, fashions and learning to drive. It is also possible to reach out to other family members, such as siblings, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins, for their stories to add to the speech.

Humorous stories are appreciated by guests, though stories about ex-girlfriends can be uncomfortable for both the bride and the guests, so it may be wise to avoid them. Stories about sibling rivalry may be another topic to include in the speech.

A nice way to bring the speech to a conclusion is to praise the bride, perhaps noting how lucky the groom is to have found her, and saying something affectionate about the groom. Finally, a good ending comes with a warm thought about what the future might hold for the couple.

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