What Are Some Ideas for a Valentine's Dance Theme?

For a Valentine's dance theme, decorate the ceiling above the dance floor with hanging vintage valentine's day cards or red and white streamers. Make a red glittered disco ball for the center, or find red strobe lights to play with the music.

For music selections, choose classic soul and popular love songs to play during the dance. For decorations, cover the ceiling with hanging red and pink hearts or streamers. Put giant Valentine's day cards or vintage cupid posters on the walls. Use a projector to play romantic movies on the wall during the dance, or play romantic films on televisions near the dance floor.

If serving food, make heart-shaped food, such as a custom cake. Make bite-size sandwiches using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, or select food that is red, pink or white. For dessert, select chocolate-flavored sweets or make red velvet cupcakes.

For party favors, make or buy Valentine's Day cards for guests. Include something festive to wear, such as a party hat or necklace, as well as chocolate or sweets. For costume ideas, require guests to wear specific colors, such as red, pink or white. Vote on the "Best Dressed" and "Most Unique" outfit ideas, as well as "Best Dance Moves" out on the dance floor.