What Are Some Ideas for Using Miniature Boxes?


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Painting the boxes in holiday colors to use around the house, attaching hooks to them to make them into tree ornaments, and putting small holiday gifts inside of them and giving them to loved ones are all creative ways of using miniature boxes for the holidays. Giving the boxes different color schemes allows people to tailor the boxes to the holiday of their choosing if they want to use them for birthdays, Halloween or other holidays throughout the year.

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Gluing photos of loved ones to the boxes in the course of decorating them also helps personalize them as ornaments or holiday decorations. Multiple miniature boxes can be stacked or combined in different ways to create new shapes or objects with the help of some glue and color. Children can use them as building blocks to test out their own imaginations.

Opening the boxes on one side allows someone to make a miniature room or set out of it, filling it with smaller items or memorabilia to create a scene from a story or a film, much like a dollhouse but in a smaller space. Placing items for a book or story into a miniature box creates a "story box" that can help children with learning or visual impairment experience that story in a more interactive and comprehensive way.

Miniature boxes are typically not durable if they are made out of cardboard, so it is advisable to keep them out of the reach of pets that can damage them.

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