What Are Some Ideas for Throwing a Glow Party?


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Ideas for a glow in the dark party include distributing neon glow in the dark sticks, swords, necklaces, bracelets and headbands to guests and prompting the guests to wear white clothes that will glow when illuminated with black lights. Decorate the space with neon colored streamers and white decorations that will glow in the space.

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Glow in the dark balloons or balloons with lights displayed inside the balloon help illuminate the space. When planning a glow in the dark party, secure a location where black lights can be set up throughout the area or an enclosed area where the lights can be off and guests are secure and safe. Plan for a dance area complete with a disco ball that glows or secure glowing stickers of stars on the ceiling.

Additional ideas for a glow in the dark party include serving food that glows, such as cupcakes with white icing, neon-colored punch and Jell-o and colorful snack-sized food. Crafts that glow in the dark may also entertain party guests. For example, have each guests decorate black shirts with white drawings or stencils that glow or create masks for the party out of white construction paper or fabric that glows when surrounded by black lights.

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