What Are Some Ideas for Throwing a Bunco-Themed Party?

What Are Some Ideas for Throwing a Bunco-Themed Party?

From desserts made to resemble dice to black and white decorations, there are many possibilities for a Bunco-themed party. Many people who choose a Bunco party theme pair it with another theme, such as pirates, steam punk or western.

Before the party day, some hosts like to send out Bunco-related invitations. For example, if hosting a Girls Night Out Bunco party, hosts can create an invitation that states, "Girls just wanna have fun, but we can't play if you don't come." Alternately, a Halloween Bunco invitation can read, "Ghosts, witches, bats and mice...Come if you dare and roll the dice."

Adding accessories creates a festive atmosphere. Hosts can decorate the Bunco bell with rhinestones, sticky hearts or feathers, or choose an alternative to the traditional bell, such as a bicycle horn or cow bell. Designing table cards and specialized score cards to reflect the theme is another way to boost the party spirit. Tableware that look like dice can be purchased or made, as can mobiles.

Creating an archway using two stacks of boxes painted to resemble dice and balloons used to connect the stacks of boxes is another possibility. Hosts can also place pink Bunco dice soap in the bathroom to fit with the theme.

Many desserts can be served that reflect the theme, such as pajama slipper cookies, square brownies with white frosted dots and Oreo cheesecake bites.