What Are Some Ideas for Throwing a Beach Party?

ideas-throwing-beach-party Credit: Photolyric/Vetta/Getty Images

Some ideas for throwing a beach party include using an outdoor pool and sandboxes to mimic the beach, playing beach party games and making a sand castle cake. The party planner can provide buckets and pails so that the guests can play in the sand and build their own castles.

Party planners can arrange individual sandboxes that are already filled with sand and set them out in front of a couple of baby pools. A few ocean or marine-life decorations, such as seashells, beach balls and inflatable rafts, can also be added.

There are several possibilities for sending beach-themed invitations. The planner can send an invitation tucked into or attached to a seashell. Another option is to write the information on inflatable beach balls, then deflate the balls, fold them up and send them in the mail to the guests.

The planner can organize age-appropriate games for the guests. Younger children can play in the sand, while older children can play in the pool. Hula hoop games or craft activities are also great choices.

There are plenty of possibilities for beach party favors. The planner can send the guests home with beach towels, seashells, flip flops, sunglasses or inflatable swim toys.