What Are Some Ideas for Tea Party Decorations?


Floral arrangements, a tiered cake stand, fine China and paper lace doilies are a few ideas to use when decorating for a tea party, according to BBC's Good Food. If the tea party is held in a garden, capitalize on the beauty of the natural setting. For indoor parties, decorate with delicately scented flowers that do not overpower the scent of the tea.

Tea parties are great for conversation, enjoying pretty things and sipping on good tea. To decorate for the event, begin with a few basics such as china and a tiered cake stand, which are often found at thrift or budget stores. China pieces with floral designs are a good choice, and gold edging and accents add an elegant touch.

Cover a table with a white tablecloth, and use fresh flowers as the centerpiece. The centerpiece can be simple, such as a bouquet of roses, or a more ornate arrangement. Ensure the centerpiece has the correct proportions and is neither too large or too small.

Arrange finger foods, such as small sandwiches, cookies and fruit, on the tiered cake stand with white napkins nearby. Use small crystal or silver dishes for tea condiments, such as sugar cubes and cream. Paper lace doilies placed on saucers add a touch of delicacy as guests enjoy their tea.