What Are Some Ideas for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?

What Are Some Ideas for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party?

Sweet 16 birthday parties can range from a traditional themed party to a weekend trip with a few selected friends to an experience or activity the teenager has always wanted to try. Dance parties are a popular type of birthday party for a 16 year old.

Many birthday party ideas center around the place the party is held, such as a pool, tennis court, or roller skating or ice skating rink. An activity for the guests can also make a birthday party unique, such as an outdoor movie night or scavenger hunt. All of the locations on the scavenger hunt can be centered around the birthday person's favorite activities, with the final location being the site where the actual party is celebrated with cake, music and friends.

The party planning can also start with a theme, preferably one that relates to the birthday celebrant. Once the theme is chosen, decorations, invitations, party games and activities can be easily picked to support the theme. For example, a chocolate-themed Sweet 16 party can be a dessert-only party with an all-chocolate dessert buffet, including a chocolate fountain. A beach theme might feature flip flop’s on the invitation and Beach Boys for the music. The tables can be easily decorated with sand pails and shells, with all the guests receiving a plastic lei when they arrive.

Consider planning an experience, a getaway, or a party with the honoree in mind. For girls who love to shop, take her and a few of her friends to a nearby city for a day of shopping. If pampering is more her style, host a spa day, either at home or at a local salon, for the sweet 16-er and her girls. For the girl who dreams of visiting Paris, turn the party location into the French city and give her the ultimate Parisian party. Hollywood, princess and Mardi Gras themes are also good ideas.

Guys who love movie series, such as "Star Wars" or "The Avengers," can have a weekend devoted to watching all the movies, complete with loads of pizza, wings and chips. Take the birthday boy and a few of his pals on a fishing retreat to the lake, river or ocean. For the sports fanatic, a party featuring all kinds of sports ? both as decoration ideas and games ? is a surefire hit. Other ideas include whitewater rafting, camping or visiting a driving course.

Whatever theme or event is chosen, the night should be filled with special moments dedicated to the birthday celebrant, including a video tribute, photo boards, speeches and fun skits.