What Are Some Ideas for Summer Luncheon Themes?

What Are Some Ideas for Summer Luncheon Themes?

When selecting a theme for a summer luncheon, consider traditional themes like a patriotic or garden party theme, nostalgic ideas like a lemonade stand or 70s "glam" theme, or more modern concepts such as a white party or an eco-friendly green party. Each of these ideas offers a wide variety of options for decorations and food that match the theme.

Red, white and blue decor is a must for a patriotic themed party. Break out the grill and serve all-American favorites, such as hot dogs and hamburgers with apple pie for dessert. For a garden party, put salads and finger sandwiches on the menu and use fresh flowers for decorations.

Pitchers or jugs of lemonade serve as centerpieces and beverage servers when creating a lemonade stand theme. Serve lunchbox sandwiches or school day favorites and decorate with banner or sign elements that recreate this longstanding childhood tradition. Combine bold patterns, bright colors and elegant dinnerware for a 70s glam theme. Invite guests to dress in this fun retro style, and serve them elegant salads and quiches.

It's the color that counts when putting on a white party, which is often a more formal theme. Invite guests to dress accordingly and decorate with white dinnerware and flower arrangements. Menu suggestions include shrimp or scallops with white frosted cupcakes for dessert.

For an eco-friendly green party, decorate with herb bouquets that double as party favors for guests. Serve punch or fruit salad in a watermelon bowl and demonstrate energy conservation by offering a selection of no-bake desserts.