What Are Some Ideas for Slumber Party Games for Girls?

What Are Some Ideas for Slumber Party Games for Girls?

Some games for girls to play at a slumber party are "Blind Makeovers," "Spin the Bottle of Nail Polish," "Sleeping Beauty" and "Wacky Bag." These games are interactive and include everyone at the sleepover.

"Blind Makeovers" is a game that requires some makeup products such as lipstick, blush and eye shadow. Pair the girls off and choose one girl to be the person receiving the makeover and the other to be the blindfolded makeup artist. The blindfolded girl has 10-15 minutes to give her teammate a makeover using the provided makeup. If desired, award prizes to the best and worst makeovers.

Collect several colors of nail polish to play a game of "Spin the Bottle of Nail Polish." The girls sit in a circle with the first bottle of nail polish in the middle. One girl spins it. Whoever the bottle points to when it is done spinning must paint one fingernail with that color of polish. Next, she spins a new color of polish, and the process continues until all the girls have a multicolor manicure.

There are no props needed to play "Sleeping Beauty." One girl pretends to be sleeping while the others try to get her to laugh or open her eyes by any means except for touching her. If she makes it through a minute without "waking up," she is named "Sleeping Beauty" and receives a prize. All the girls can take a chance being the sleeper.

To play "Wacky Bag," fill a bag with props such as wigs, sunglasses, jewelry and old clothes. Play music and pass the bag around. When the music stops, whoever is holding the bag must reach in and pick out an item to wear. Continue the game until the props are gone and take pictures.