What Are Some Ideas for Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments?


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Some ideas for simple homemade Christmas ornaments include Mason jar lid ornaments, scrabble tile ornaments, mini woodland wreaths and wine cork reindeer. To make an easy pine cone ornament, cut a 6-inch piece of twine, and hot glue both ends to the top of a pine cone. Tie a bow from colored 1 1/2-inch satin around the base of the twine loop at the top of the pine cone.

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Music lovers can make a variety of music-centered ornaments like the holiday tune star or the music sheet tassel. To make the former, cut a star out of a copied piece of sheet music, and then cut a slightly larger star out of corrugated cardboard box. Glue the sheet music star onto the corrugated side of the cardboard. Tie a piece of cording into a bow, and glue it to the center of the star. Finish by forming a loop out of a red piece of ribbon and gluing the ends to the top of the star.

To make the sheet music tassel, print sheet music out on both sides of a paper, and cut it into 1/4-inch strips. Fold most of the strips in half over a loop of string for the ornament hanger, and glue a bead to a cork. Position the paper strips over and covering the bead and cork, tying them around the cork with a rubber band. Wrap the remaining strips around the rubber band, and glue the ends down. Loop the paper ends around a pencil to give them a little curl.

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