What Are Some Ideas to Show Appreciate to the Pastor's Wife?


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Ways to show appreciation to the pastor's wife include buying her a bag of groceries, offering to keep her kids overnight, offering to do sewing or alteration, and washing her car. Simply telling her that she is appreciated, via word of mouth or a card, is another way to show appreciation.

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Pastor's wives often live far from their extended families. The gift of paying for a month of her cell phone bill or contributing toward airfare so she can visit her family are good ways to show appreciation and understanding.

Pastor's wives take on the role of assistant pastor, but do not always get as much recognition as their husbands. The gift of a spa trip or offering to babysit for free so that she and her husband can have a night together is a way to relieve her stress and show appreciation. Find out what she liked to do before she was in the ministry and make it happen for her to bring back good memories.

Sending a letter or a card, or letting her know that you appreciate her face to face, is a simple but effective way of showing your appreciation. Hearing kind and encouraging words can uplift her mood and motivate her to continue with her ministry.

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