What Are Some Ideas for Senior Night?

Senior nights, which are also called grad nights, are evening events hosted by parents to celebrate high school graduation while keeping teenagers safe. They typically allow seniors to enjoy a special, fun event that's chaperoned. Ideas may include recreating a favorite film, throwing a mock casino bash or an evening spent at an amusement park.

A movie grad night isn't a typical night at the movies. Instead, grad night hosts work to recreate one or more scenes from a beloved film or a film that was popular during the year students are graduating. Scenes are portrayed in their entirety and include props and student actors posing as favorite characters.

While high school students aren't of legal gambling age, they can still enjoy a grad night with a casino theme. Students can gamble with fake currency, enjoy "mocktails," and win great prizes for a creative evening of fun.

Students who graduate from a school near an amusement park may enjoy visiting the attractions as a grad night adventure. In some situations, amusement parks are willing to open after hours for large groups. This type of event provides fun in a safe, drug free environment, allowing students to create memories that last a lifetime.