What Are Some Ideas for a Round-the-Clock Bridal Shower?

The most important concept for a round-the-clock bridal shower is to provide clear instructions to guests, and to assign a specific time of day to each guest, in the bridal shower invitations. A round-the-clock shower works best when the bride and groom are first setting up housekeeping and need pretty much everything to make up their new home.

The round-the-clock bridal shower is a theme-based shower. Each guest is assigned a time on the invitation. They are then asked to buy a gift related to that time of day. For example, the 10 a.m. guest might bring a gift certificate for brunch at a high-end restaurant. A 7 a.m. guest might bring an assortment of coffees and teas.

Sometimes the bridal shower lasts an entire day, with guests coming and going at their invitation times. More often, everyone comes at the same time to the shower so that everyone can enjoy the opening of the gifts.

Brides-to-be who already own much of what they need may be better served by registering for the few things they do not already have. Alternately, some brides may enjoy a more traditional lingerie shower.

Whether the guest of honor or the bride is throwing the shower, the planner should note that some guests might be offended by the solicitation of specific gifts. The planner should also consider the financial status of guests before deciding to take on the round-the-clock shower theme. Some people may find it challenging to afford items from their assigned time, or would far prefer to give a unique gift of their own choosing to the bride. It helps to have many guests at the bridal shower, and a few guests assigned to each clock time.