What Are Some Ideas for Places to Throw a Party?

Some places to throw a party for an adult include a nightclub or bar, boat, billiards hall or bowling alley. For kids, party venues include the nearby roller skating or ice skating rink, ice cream parlor, craft studio or an orchard.

Recreational venues such as bowling alleys and billiards halls are a good choice for adults who just want to have fun with friends and family, but don’t want to throw a traditional party. Some of these venues allow for reserving a party space, while at others participants simply meet up and play some pool or bowl while enjoying drinks and snacks. There is also the option of having a boat party, which requires a little more expense. A boat party is good for a small- or modest-sized group of people.

Children’s party venue choices can be more creative than going to a nearby park or renting out a banquet hall. Party planners can consider some fun outdoor activities for kids, such as heading to the nearby apple orchard. Kids who enjoy this type of activity can invite a few friends and go apple picking.

For indoor venues, consider a nearby crafting venue, such as a custom pottery business or Build-A-Bear Workshop. Build-A-Bear requires paying for each bear and the clothing and accessories chosen for it. The pottery businesses allow children to use paint to create their own cups, bowls or figurines.