What Are Some Ideas for Pirate-Themed Birthday Parties?

ideas-pirate-themed-birthday-parties Credit: Rich Legg/E+/Getty Images

Pirate-themed birthday party ideas include parchment invitations, octopus-and-seaweed hot dogs and Jolly Roger banners. Use traditional pirate colors, such as black, white and red, for balloons and streamers, and fill fishbowls with chocolate doubloons for added flair.

To make pirate-themed party invitations, purchase parchment paper, and write the invitation text in an Old English font. Then, singe the edges of the paper with a lighter.

For a Jolly Roger banner, simply cut a skull and crossbones out of white fabric, and use black electrical tape to fasten the symbols to a black sheet. Hang the banner in a high place for viewing.

Black or white tablecloths add to the pirate atmosphere. For the centerpiece, paint a box with gold spray paint. Paint items such as goblets, dishes and seashells, and arrange them inside and around the gold box to suggest a treasure chest.

Octopus-and-seaweed hot dogs are a simple pirate-themed snack. Cook ramen noodles according the instructions. Discard the seasoning, and add a few drops of green food coloring. Next, slice several hot dogs into eight lengthwise strips, leaving one end of each hot dog intact. Boil the hot dogs, and arrange them like an octopus on a bed of ramen noodles.