What Are Some Ideas for Outdoor Halloween Decorations?


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Some ideas for outdoor Halloween decorations are to make a "bonfire" out of pumpkins, porch pumpkins with Halloween quotes and light bright pumpkins. Another idea is to make skull lights with mason jars.

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To make a bonfire out of pumpkins, carve flames into a bunch of pumpkins, and arrange them in a pile so that the candle light shows the flame designs. Instead of carving the usual images into pumpkins for the porch, paint them with chalkboard paint, and add spooky Halloween phrases with a stencil. However, these pumpkins need to be brought inside if it rains to avoid running paint.

To make light bright pumpkins for the porch, hollow out several pumpkins, and use a drill with a small bit to create patterns of holes in the pumpkins. Carve a large hole into the back, and insert a string of lights into each pumpkin, poking individual lights through the hole patterns. Use the hole in the back of the pumpkin to run the light cord into an outlet.

Mason jar skull lights are made by painting the jars a solid color and then painting or drawing a skull on them. Place a tea light candle in each jar, and line the walkway or porch steps with them.

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