What Are Some Ideas for a New Year's Eve Party for Teens?

ideas-new-year-s-eve-party-teens Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

A successful New Year's Eve party for teens involves plenty of food and planned activities. Offer indoor and outdoor fun to keep the action moving. Let the kids put on a show or create a video to ring in the new year.

An interactive food night keeps the teens busy and their bellies full. Homemade pizzas with their choice of toppings or a taco bar are good ways to keep them occupied and entertained.

Board and video games are always popular. If the weather is nice, move some of the kids outside to shoot hoops or play a bean bag toss. It's best not to let anyone camp out on any game station, so parents should consider setting a 30-minute time limit before the teens need to rotate.

Tapping into the teens' creative side is a good way to keep them involved and having fun. Putting on a skit, singing karaoke or creating a video keeps the party moving and provides some laughs.

An evening of games and creativity is sure to stir up some appetites, so a pancake breakfast at the end of the evening is certain to send the kids home full and happy. A breakfast casserole or breakfast burritos is also a simple and filling way to signal the end of the evening.